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Munping Chong
"A powerful visual inspires a million concepts."

1. So share with us, what's the concept behind the SEC 3D mascots?

Well, the 3 mascots have been around for a while and have certain level of awareness. So the brief was basically enhancing their identities and personalities while remaining the initial colour schemes and overall appearance, and not a complete makeover. We injected friendly and bright characters into them by giving them new names and responsibilities - Saveo (delivery and set-up), Ello (technical support) and Comeo (customer service).

2. What is the most challenging part in this project?

The toughest part is the fact that the mascots are recognizable to some extent, if not very, very popular. Therefore we have to inject new lives to them without losing their original characteristics. At the initial character design stage, rounds and rounds of studies and experimental sketches are essential to start the modification of the characters. Secondly, the expressions and poses. We have to make sure the facial expressions are lively and bright. Poses are also key to reflect each mascot's personalities. Thirdly, the rendering. A 'rubbery' touch is applied and was carefully executed in order to project a friendlier look than the original design.

3. Does a strong visual really tell a thousand words?

Definitely, there are messages in every visual that the creators want to convey. And visuals are often more powerful than words in terms of communication. If a visual tells a thousand words, a powerful visual tells millions.

4. From the work that you've produced, I noticed a lot of different styles and techniques. Is it important that a creative person for not repeating him/herself?

Being a creative person, we need to open ourselves to explore on new ideas and execution methods. The different use of techniques help crafting different dimensions in the artwork. For instance, I was assigned to produce a painting for the Commanwealth Games KL 1998. I chose acrylic on canvas to bring out the best colour mood, as well as the dynamism and energy in the games.

5. How do you compare fine art and commercial art?

Fine art is purely a total freedom of expression, as long as the artist likes it to be. Whereas commercial art is a form of communication, for a product or a service to convey a commercial message. It drives more commercial value than just an art piece.

6. How did you get into this industry, and what drives you doing it for so long?

I love drawing. I love art creation. I find it much more interesting if we can add in more values and make art "practical". And that's why I'm here doing what I'm doing. It's the desire to achieving new heights in my creative career that's keeping me motivated all the time.

7. If you have the chance to start all over again, would you still choose working in this line?

Absolutely... I am sure of what I am doing and I will have no hesitation doing it if I were to choose again.

8. I assume a lot of people in the industry enjoy the 'work hard, play even harder' type of lifestyle, are you one of them?

Yup like most of us in the industry. Because we deserve to play hard for the efforts we put in. Traveling is one way of playing hard for me as I like going to different places to rejuvenate myself in a totally new environment, before returning to work with more refreshing ideas.

9. Any website links to share?

10. Where do you draw inspirations from?

Let me see... I like studying and observing anything and everything that I see in my daily life; Watching movies that are truly inspirational in stories or extremely breathtaking in cinematography can provoke some thoughts; and maybe traveling can also help to trigger some sparks in my head too.

11. Any last words?

Set a target on what you want to achieve in life. Then take a bold first step and be prepared for whatever challenges that come in the process. You'll get there soon, definitely.

Munping is currently the Director of Commercial Art Department at AdWOW! Group. Check out what they are doing at