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Chin Hou
Campaign Manager
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Chin Hou

1. How is 'Nestlé - Chillin' Good Times' different from other Nestlé promotions?

This is the first ever cross channel consumer promotion for all our cold vending drinks like Milo, Nestea lemon tea, Nescafe Mocha Freezz.

This is also the first time when convenience stores, food court outlets, fast food chains and cafes and restaurants team up to make this promotion a success.

2. What is the most challenging part in this project?

With this promotion, we hope to bring out the element of fun and enjoyment through the game cards and redemption. Also, we want to create more value and benefits for our valued partners.

3. (hmm.. Ok..) Anything more interesting?
How about exciting things that happened in the course of putting this campaign together?

Hmmm... definitely the endorsement and support from the trade which make this a very fulfilling campaign.

And of course thanks to the good team at AdWOW! for their efforts to put together this campaign.

4. What got you into this industry, and why?

I grew up with Nestlé, and most importantly, I love food and beverages. Good food, good life indeed.

5. If you are not in this line, what do you think you'll be doing?

I will be a cook.

6. What do you think are the essential qualities necessary to be in this industry?

Adaptability, creativity and most importantly, an appetite for life!

Thank you Mr Goh for sharing your views.

Mr Goh not only challenges himself with new campaigns, but also challenges himself on the road as an ardent marathon runner.

So look out for more thirst quenching campaigns from our Nestlé Chef!