The making of
"Tailor Made Attitude"
S K Low
Creative Director
George Heng
George Heng
- "Why just tailor make a pair of jeans for them when you can tailor make their attitude?"

So, how do you feel about this Edwin project, compared to your previous projects?

Feel? Advertising is not about what I feel; it is how our target audience would feel about the ads and how we link their feeling towards what the brand is trying to sell. It is about the brand and the target audience, not me.

Let's get it straight... Why the naked butt?!!

Our target group are the rebellious youths, aged between 18-26 years old. Although every one of them seems unique and wants to be different from the "common crowd", however, they do have some similarities. Firstly, appearance-wise, they want to be seen as an "outstanding, unique and cool" youth. Secondly, they have a certain stubbornness/belief in one way or another with regards to what they like or dislike.

To capture their attention, we have to sell the brand idea to them. We should not educated them nor sell them the benefits through traditional advertising/presentation executions, as we all know these do not work on them. Therefore, we have to speak on their behalf to bring out their hidden desire and "common yet unique" attitude - rebellious! The naked butt will definitely capture any audience's attention, especially our target group. However, the "hidden agenda" in this campaign is to get our target audience to accept the idea of "No Edwin to wear or not given my favourite pair of jeans? I'll rather not wear anything" while still enjoying doing what they do everyday, hanging out at mamak, skateboarding, riding their cool bike or playing guitar.

The butt concept is to capture their attention, make them realise that Edwin is not just a pair of jeans, but also a brand that encompasses their (the target audience) unique and selective attitude (with additional sense of humour). Hence they will see that, "Every single one of them is unique, just like how every pair of Edwin jeans looks unique when worn on them. Though we tailor-made the pair of "attitude" for the unique you, it is you who makes the pair of jeans look good on you..."

How did you get it approved with the media?

Given the conservativeness of the local (Malaysia) media market, we do have an underwear version that has a similar awareness level, at a more acceptable level by the local culture and has a higher chance of getting approved.

Well, I think to play the game well, rule No.1 is to follow the rules and do our best by expanding the creativity within the rules that we should not obey... Or else no one might even get the chance to enjoy our ideas for the brand, right?

So, how long have you been in the creative field?

Coming to 10 years, soon. Oops, I am not that old though.

What goes on in a normal working day for you?

I don't have a normal working day, though. (Sighs). But seriously, I try not to work normally so I get to slack around whenever I can, do something different each day. As a creative, we need to lead our lives "slightly different" from others. Why? Because, then we'll get to see, think and create something different to spice up our target audience's lives.

Put it this way, normal people think, do and work normally. This is a definite way to kill creativity. People do not need to see things they already know, people get bored easily with predictable "creative" strategy.... I think I talk too much... haha..

Do you have any personal favourite works so far in your career?

No specifics. We're not in the fashion or fine art industry. I strongly believe that every piece of work can be my favourite as well as exciting (be it nasty clients, brief that sucks...), as this is the only way that drives me to explore on all possibilities to make an impact on every individual job while still keeping it enjoyable...

Where do you draw your ideas from?

Life. People’s life. And my own life.

Any last words for aspiring creatives?

Ha. The only way to be creative is not to tell yourself to be creative.