The making of
"Tailor Made Attitude"
S K Low
Creative Director
George Heng
S K Low

Own any Edwin jeans?

I bought my first pair of Edwin Jeans in Sungai Petani, I got it because was the straight-cut design which I wanted.

How did you find the shoot?

I thought you guys were joking when you told me I got to take my pants off for this one. It’s kind of different from changing backstage in a runway show. Yeah, it’s my first “bottomless” outdoor shoot. It was pretty embarrassing to ask that auntie to move away during the shoot just now. (Laughs) She just kept lingering around the set! (Gasps) I think I’ve got a stalker! (Laughs)

So why did you do it then (taking off your pants)?

Well, George (the creative director) was sincere when he requested, and I wanted to try new stuff. I’ve been doing a lot of posed shots lately and I’m sick of it. And I prefer natural shots.

How did you get into this line?

I joined a V MAG contest a few years back, you could say that it was my stepping stone into this line. I’ve also joined a singing contest organized by Astro, but I was kicked out!

Joined any modeling agency?

Not really. I've always been a freelancer.

Previous job?

Hmmm, I was a technical support at Nokia before I was a model. How was the job like? … (Long pause) … I can't remember? (Laughs)

Any hobbies?

Working out at the gym, swimming, jungle trekking and dancing.

Which countries have you been to?

Let's see... ...I've been to Australia, Hong Kong, China, Bangkok, and Bali. I'll love to go to Taiwan soon.

How long more would you stay in this line?

Not sure yet. I will probably set up an agency in the future. That way I can be more selective on what I want to do.

Been invited to parties?

Disco, you mean? Think I'll rather sleep. Work is so hectice nowadays, I need all the rest I can get. I don't mind going to the occassional event launches and parties, though. A/X, Men's Health, Gucci had some good parties lately.

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