The making of
"Tailor Made Attitude"
keat song
S K Low
Creative Director
George Heng
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Tailor Made Attitude

13.6.2005 Monday

It would have been crazy, if not for the preparations we started making few weeks ago. Gathering all the props: guitar, skateboard, motorcycle outfit, choosing the right location within the deadline... It is such a challenge... I can't even count the number of pre-production meetings we had with the photographer (KS)!

Till about 2am last night, our Creative Director (CK) was still discussing some finer details with the model(SK) about the shots...

At 7am, the team is up & ready to catch the early rays for today's shoot. 2 outdoors in the a.m., 1 indoor & 1 more night scene for the evening... Great! It's gonna be one long day.

After making all the phone calls for some last minute coordination, we are ready to rendezvous with the photographers.

The first destination is an unfinished highway at Butterworth overseeing the skyline of Penang in the distance. KS and his assistant Ah Siong had recce several places and this was the best because...

Number one, the highway is not completed, hence, there will be no traffic to distract the shoot. Number two, the venue has a bright sunny ambience that portrays the hot sunny look that we want to capture. Thirdly, our hero, SK will be required to take the shots 'bottomless' on a motorcycle, so we cannot afford to have too many by-passers walking about! Ha! This must be just the most hilarious photo shoot I've come across...

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KS proudly showed off his arsenal of camera lenses, black box & started his setup of equipment with his assistant. Soon they are snapping away some test shots & getting the right angles.

Life is so full of challenges! First is having noodles & hot coffee for breakfast in a moving car, now we are running to and from the motorcycle, helping the model with his posing, while trying to shoo away all those busybody passer-bys!

Thanks to our Creative Director's great idea... having SK in a full leather outfit & motorcycle boots under the hot sun in the middle of a highway is definitely a crowd puller! If not for the walkie-talkies, we'll probably be running about taking instructions from the bosses! The Photographer & Creative Director are more than 60m away!

The model is perspiring like crazy under the blazing sun. (At least his butt is cool...) We had to standby two versions of the same shot as the creatives may get censored when it goes onto press. As such we have a 'clean' version of the model with his briefs & the original shot that bares his bottom! The model has to wear a few combination of the outfits, so that we will have more options while the studio work on the finished artwork at a later stage.

It's a wrap for the 1st shot! SK just had a taste of baring his butt on the highway.

After packing up, we headed back to KS's studio in a good mood & getting ready the props for the next scene.
Let's see... an acoustic guitar & more outfits. Oh yes.. better remind CK of the packet of 'Teh Tarik' which he requested!

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