WAWards® is back! Formerly known as WOW!Awards™, these awards were initiated to acknowledge AdWOWers’ constant efforts in developing creative works and leaving positive impacts on AdWOW! Group’s clients’ target markets.
This year, WAWards® voting is open to all – clients, suppliers, students and creative industry peers. Let the most creative artworks be acknowledged while we strive for more creative excellence. Tell us which is your favourite WOWing creative work. Vote now!
You may vote for WAWards® based on the following criteria:
– Originality is the key attribute of WAWards®. The winning entry should exhibit the superiority in terms of idea innovativeness, art direction and execution.
– Seizing the targets’ attention is essential in leaving a lasting impression. The winning creative work should exhibit the most outstanding visual impact.
– The winning creative work is the one that best communicates the intended messages made possible with the correct use of visual language and content that will provoke the desired actions from the target audience.